Black-and-White Thinking in “Sultana’s Dream”

“Since the mardana system has been established, there has been no more crime or sin; therefore we do not require a policeman to find out a culprit, nor do we want a magistrate to try a criminal case” (15).

I see a lot of black-and-white thinking in this short story, especially in regards to the quote above. In this case, it’s the idea that men are the only people who commit crimes and sins, so if they are cooped up in the houses, the town/village is free of all that. It makes it seem like only one gender has to the capability to go through with such things, which leaves the other gender completely innocent. Obviously, in reality, we know that is not true. Women are just as capable of doing awful things as men are. However, in this story, in “Ladyland,” women are too pure for that.

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