Wells, The Star

“Few people without training in science can realize the huge isolation of the solar system. The sun with its specks of planets, its dust of planetoids, and its impalpable comets, swims in a vacant immensity that almost defeats imagination.(Wells, “The Star”, p.41)

I found it interesting that Wells presents the rather smallness of humanity when compared to the grandeur of the universe.  Earth is comparable to dust, leaving its human inhabitants to bare even less significance in terms of the whole scheme of the universe.   With the near destruction of the human race and the addition of the martian onlookers Wells intentions in this story seem to be toward humbling the human race.


Wells, H.G. “The Star.” The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction. Ed. Arthur B. Evans, Istvan              Csicsery-Ronay, Jr., Joan Gordon, Veronica Hollinger, Rob Latham, and Carol                              McGuirk. Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, 2010. 40-49. Print.

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