Medium of pulp

[Due to the truly unfortunate fact that not only is my laptop dying, but I’ve also left my charger at home, this following paragraph may be a bit brief.]

I just wanted to comment on the juxtaposition of the desire on the part of AMAZING STORIES itself to be taken as a serious vehicle for serious literature while being printed in the pulp format. Though I’ve never seen a pulp magazine in person, the concept gives off a very cheap air (for lack of a better word). What comes to mind is a small booklet, expensive perhaps for children on a tight allowance, with rough pages. It hardly gives off the sophisticated air of a literary publication. Yet Gernsback’s Editorial notes both (though especially the first) seek this type of readership and acknowledgement despite the physical form AMAZING STORIES (and its all-capitalized title) present. It seems the readership however has met them on this point in some manner as seen in the little reader notes included in the “Thank you!”

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