Prompt: Le Guin, TVTropes (group 1)

Group 1
Spend some time reading and browsing around the entry for The Left Hand of Darkness on TVTropes. This gives one group of readers’ attempts to characterize the novel: there is both a summary and a catalogue of the “tropes” or recurring patterns the TV Tropes wiki contributors have seen in the novel. Comment on any aspect of this response that stands out to you—particular tropes that you surprised to see included; particular opinions or responses by the Tropers that seem to you intriguing or misguided or revelatory. Think, too, about the difference between the Tropers’ kind of analysis and the literary analysis I ask you to do in class and in your papers. You might especially want to note ways in which the TVTropes page speaks to the concerns of the 2010s in which it has been written.

Essays forbidden. Write a paragraph or two.

Group 2
Comment as you wish.

Look not just at the TVTropes page but at the revision history or Talk pages and point out an interesting aspect of the composition process for the entry.

spider is ahead of the game—check out spider’s entry below this one.