Oh Boy! TV Tropes!

While all of these tropes were fascinating, this is what I found the most interesting on The Left Hand of Darkness page: “Info Dump”.  The tropes page writes “the expository chapters may feel like one”, and describes the trope as “particularly long or wordy”; I feel as if they add to the story and to note, not all of them are long.  The stories and notes in the chapters might be an overload of information, but they add to understand why some of the reactions and situations happen in the  novel itself.  The chapters say what it needs to say in Le Guin’s poetic style of writing, whether it’s a report from a character or a myth from Gethen lore.

For example, in chapter seven, it is lengthy field notes on Gethenian sexuality, but it gives insight about how the people of Gethen are, from another outside view other than Genly.  The way it is written explains why Genly reacts the way he does and has assumptions  about the people who live on that planet.  In the chapter, Ong Tot Oppong uses the term he, because “it is less defined, less specific, than the neuter or the feminine.” (Le Guin 101)  This is the start of human interaction with Gethen, which clearly affects future generations.


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