Humans are still present right? Okay, then yeah we’re in “cyberspace”

I saw Ender’s Argument’s post prior to writing my own and I do agree with the contrast between nature and technology being a common and questionable recurring theme. Another interesting point you made referred to the thought of nature and technology being entwined in each other throughout the story. This raised an important thought for me that in order to create a plot within the subgenre of cyberpunk, you have to fuse both humans and technology in the story. I literally mean having the computer and man become one within the story, biologically as well as scientifically. I think Gibson’s article supports this thought by him saying “slug it all back into the skull and watch it run on blood sugar, the way a human brain’s supposed to.” He’s thinking toward the essentials of having a human body and having that body connect with technology in order to have a cyberspace. So as long as there are humans that are being shaped and changed by technology, we can say that we are in a world that is controlled by cyberspace.

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