“Burning Chrome” and lighting

I came across this last night and it reminded me about the discussion in class re: the particular aesthetic of the dark room with the neon lights or the harsh glare of the computer screen when dealing with hacking and/or cyberpunk:

[source: http://fractalsaurus.tumblr.com/post/68239240782]

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2 thoughts on ““Burning Chrome” and lighting

  1. What a great find!

    [The comment from me which rathiri originally included in the post:]

    The comic has the same insight Gibson has, which is that the actual activity of interfacing with the computer is neutral or even banal, so to give it the romance, or the coolness, we might want from intrepid criminal activity, it needs lots of atmosphere added on. We might have gone even further with lighting, it now occurs to me: part of the point of the darkness is about immersion: Bobby Quine isn’t just
    interfacing, he’s actually in the matrix—or that’s the way it seems until Automatic Jack has second thoughts. That too is part of the romance of hacking.

    In Gibson’s most recent books the aesthetic has definitively shifted into the brighter illumination range (and he has gotten way into iphones).

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