Just a thought on the idea of why the sections were labeled so ambiguously, or so non-specifically “august 20” or “the day after” and maybe why the surprise reveal of Sonali being the daughter of Philboni —

Maybe it’s too simple a thought, and I agreed with most of the things said about it in class, but I just thought maybe it has to do with the idea of relation, and how things take on meaning depending on their relation to other things, other events, which may or may not seem to have any significance otherwise. Things might just look like mere coincidence, things might look like the webbing of a whole conspiracy based on unexpected or unseen relations. I thought the sudden reveal of Sonali as a literal relative of Philboni just goes hand in hand with this theme of unexpected relations.

And the section breaks of “august 20” without a year, or “the day after” –both don’t really mean anything by themselves without the context of other surrounding information. These are things that don’t and can’t stand alone. We give them meaning by reading it in relation to the rest of the narrative/novel –just like someone else said about how we sort of play a part of detective fitting pieces together.

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