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A lack of Color

The passage that sticks out to me is the second sentence of the story “Out in the malls and plazas, moths were batting themselves to death against the neon, but in Bobby’s loft the only light came from a monitor screen and the green and red leds on the face of the matrix simulator” (Gibson, 548). What frustrates me about Cyber Punk stories is the over emphasis of darkness and light being expressed only in shades of neon. There is no contrasting natural light which presents life with computers as completely artificial separate from nature. Why is there a stereotype that hackers only hack late at night in a pitch dark apartment with only the light from the screen illuminating a face; more like a batted moth? Why is technology always contrasting with nature, wouldn’t be more interesting to see some natural light through technology? Maybe the reason why the characters in Gibson’s stories always need new eyes is because they ruined their old ones by staring at a screen in the dark. Gibson fails to emphasize a wide enough spectrum of color, simply emphasizing neon, leds, and chrome isn’t enough of a color palate. What’s unrealistic about the image that Gibson paints in his short story “The Burning Chrome” isn’t the ICE, the towers, and the holograms, it’s the complete lack of night and day.