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LHD TVTropes

Reading the TVTropes page for Left Hand of Darkness surprised me a couple times because some of the observations listed hadn’t occurred to me when reading the book. For example under Deliberate Values Dissonance a troper remarks on how, despite Genly’s disparaging manner in regards to feminine things, he doesn’t come off as a Straw Misogynist. It wasn’t the observation that surprised me (we’ve of course touched on Genly’s sexism in class) but rather the possibility of Genly being a Straw Misogynist. I guess the phrase gave me pause because this may be the first time I’ve come across reference to such a character; I’m more used to Straw Feminists! Another phrasing that surprised me, or I should say, caught my attention, was how the discrimination against the ‘perverts’ was shelved under Fantastic Sexism. I was thinking of their attitudes more along the lines of transphobia to be honest because the sex dichotomy doesn’t exist on Gethen, so the idea to regard the discrimination as sexism somehow never occurred to me. One thing which amused me was the parallel drawn between Gethen and Siberia, and more clearly the Gulag and Pulefin Farm.