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“The Star”: The mystery of the wanderer

“…this strange wanderer appeared. A vast mass of matter it was, bulky, heavy, rushing without warning out of the black mystery of the sky into the radiance of the sun.” (Wells, “The Star”, p.41)

What I find interesting about Wells’s text is the vague definition of the mass; often being referred to as a star, a planetary object, or something else entirely different. Within the purpose of the story, the definition is not of much concern when considering the object’s use as somewhat of a plot device to further the narrative through catalyzing humanity’s reactions and affecting the Earth’s environment. However, the mystery surrounding the object’s nature, origins and possible intentions leaves an unsettling feeling in the reader’s mind as it opens them to the vast and alien possibilities of the unknown universe. Furthermore, such lines of thought serve to question our own significance as a planet and people when faced with this infinite-possibility space.

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