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Sultana’s dream and nature

“We do not covet other people’s land, we do not fight for a piece of diamond though it may be a thousandfold brighter than the Koh-i-Noor, nor do we grudge a ruler his peacock Throne. We dive deep into the ocean of knowledge and try to find out the precious gems [that] Nature has kept in store for us. We enjoy Nature’s gifts as much as we can”(Hossain 8).

This passage in Sultana’s dream creates a tapestry of rich imagery, and uses particularly vivid metaphors, While reading this quote clearly stood out to me as an important passage of the text.

human reaction to The Star

I chose the same quote as Ender’s Argument did:

The leader writers enlarged upon the topic; so that in most of the capitals of the world, on January 3rd, there was an expectation, however vague, of some imminent phenomenon in the sky; and as the night followed the sunset around the globe, thousands of men turned their eyes skyward to see—the old familiar stars just as they had always been.

However, what struck me about this quote was the way it seemed to dismiss the idea that mankind could easily and correctly predict the behavior of something totally out of scale to anything they’d experienced before—I think it reads as a criticism of that confidence.

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