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When someone believes something wholeheartedly, when someone’s entire world of thought is built off these specific beliefs, it is very hard to challenge them. As stated by Powell in Asmiov’s “Reason”, “‘You can prove anything you want by coldly logical reason–if you pick the proper postulates. We have ours and Cutie has his'” (173). Similarly, in The Space Merchants, Mitchell does not see the least bit of reason in the Consies’ cause and views the world in a very specific way that we, as readers who did not grow up with those specific postulates, might find bewildering or strange, just as the humans found Cutie’s reasoning incomprehensibly ridiculous and vice versa. While Powell’s words call to mind math or debate, the actual practice of this incompatibility between beliefs as exhibited in “Reason” and The Space Merchants is more reminiscent of certain types of religious folk, often zealots. This is seen in the actual religion constructed by Cutie and the value system Mitchell follows where Sales is god above all and propaganda brainwashing is the norm.