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“Do you think that’s air you’re breathing now?”

There were two parts in this story that really struck me when I read them. The first was this, on page 555: “Trying to remind myself that this place and the gulf beyond are only representations, that we aren’t ‘in’ Chrome’s computer, but interfaced with it, while the matrix simulator in Bobby’s loft generates this illusion. . .The core data began to emerge, exposed, vulnerable. . . . This is the far side of ice, the view of the matrix that fifteen million legitimate console operators see and take for granted. ” I’m not sure why, but it just seemed extremely conscious of the nature of image and representation, and it triggered a whole stream of thoughts for me. How exactly does programming work in that world? Is there a reliance on the the matrix simulators, to be able to manipulate code “physically”, in order to change coding in reality? Or are they both on the same plane? How does the matrix simulator translate things, and how is it coded to do so? It’s interesting, because everything online, on television, on screens in general, is just a stream of zeroes and ones, and we (even right now) see them as language, as images. I just felt an extreme awareness of the artifice of imagery online. Bright colors and borders and interesting fonts are just hiding that stream. That is something we take for granted. The fact that this website exists is a marvel, when you think about it. There’s an entire world, an entire universe, really, in our computer screens and our phones, and it’s constructed by clever numbers.

Also Jack talking about Bobby’s problems with women was gREAT but I won’t elaborate because I could talk about it for centuries.